Greater Good Wood is a social enterprise that uses our profits to support charities and other social enterprises across the UK.

We design and hand make wooden furniture and gifts from ethically sourced Scottish hardwood, reclaimed whisky wood and aged & weather worn timber.

This allows us to provide free or subsidised support to the third sector in the UK. We can provide risk and insurance advice, communications support and operational guidance.

New Arrivals

As we use only the most characterful Scottish hardwoods, hand picked whisky wood and weather worn pieces, every single Greater Good product is absolutely unique.

We are 100% committed to helping the third sector in the UK. Every purchase you make helps us support charities and other social enterprises.

Joe Myles, Founder

Business is about more than just the bottom line.

For too long we watched the third sector in this country be charged too much, given too little care or to be flat out taken advantage of when it come to the procurement of professional services so we decided to do something about it.

Te profits from our woodwork sales go towards helping the third sector with risk, governance and communications.